The Atelier

Celebrating Children’s Creativity

The Atelier

The Atelier is a space where children can explore their creativity and have fun. Materials such as clay, paper, fabric, wire, wood, and recyclables are available for the children to create anything they imagine. The focus of the Atelier is on collaboration: Children work together with others to complete projects or discover new ideas without feeling like there are time limits imposed upon them by adults. The calm and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere inspires them while they explore materials freely at their own pace; it also teaches problem-solving skills since they are leading their own exploration through process rather than engaging in teacher-directed product art. Our primary atelier is located in Building 1, while each classroom also houses their own mini- atelier. 

Making Children’s Learning and Creative
Expressions Visible

Toward the end of every school year, families have the opportunity to visit our school and observe year-long research and art projects completed by the children. On the assigned day for the event, our educators, pedagogista, and atelierista proudly make the children’s learning and creative expressions visible through the documentation that shows the entire process using photography, written text, stories, and the beautiful displays of their artwork. It’s like a children’s art museum where the young artists’ work is respected and celebrated. During this time, families have the opportunity to make donations toward their child’s individual and class projects. Proceeds from the event support our school in so many ways, helping us to recuperate expenses involved with the art projects.

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