Dress Code and Change of Clothes

Children are encouraged to wear play clothes and sneakers to school. Daily activities include active and messy play, and the children should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without worrying about their clothes. The child’s name should be placed on all clothing. Please dress your child for the weather. A set of extra clothing should be kept in your child’s cubby at all times.

In the event of an accident in which the child’s clothing needs to be changed, and there is not a change of clothing in their cubby; we will provide a change of clothing and a charge of $10.00 will be applied to your account. The change of clothing will include a new pair of underwear, a shirt, and shorts/pants. Although the underwear is non-returnable, you may return the shirt and shorts/pants for a credit of $7.00 to your account.

We want to be sure that the students do not feel ashamed or embarrassed in the event of an accident and we cannot allow them to stay in soiled clothing, even if someone is on their way to bring clothes. Please be sure to check your child’s cubby weekly and bring in any missing items as soon as possible.

Car Line

• Children will only be released to those cars on the pick-up line. You will need to have your “pick-up card” displayed in the window. NO CHILD WILL BE RELEASED TO PARENTS PARKED IN THE FRONT PARKING LOT. This is necessary to ensure that our teachers can maintain an orderly release of all children.

• Children in car line must enter and exit the car from the left side of the vehicle only.

• Kinderoo Children’s Academy staff will not be responsible for buckling children, if children are unable to buckle themselves, we ask the parent to pull forward out of the carline and assist your child.

Parking Lot Safety

These are just a few basic safety guidelines that must be followed while on our property, even if you are just traveling from one building to another (possibly to pick up a sibling from the other building). These guidelines are for the safety of everyone on the road, especially our students, and will be strictly enforced by our staff.
• When in a moving vehicle: All children must be properly and securely restrained, in a booster seat or car seat. Children should not be sitting on the lap of the driver or walking alongside a moving vehicle.
• Children must be accompanied by an adult while inside or outside of the vehicle.
• Appropriate speed limits (15 mph) must be followed on the side road, and (10 mph) in our driveway/ parking lots.

Arrival and Departure Procedures

Business hours are from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm. Families enrolled in full time care must accompany their child into the front office and pick up the child from the office upon dismissal. Parents or other authorized persons must sign their children in and out each day. Kinderoo Children’s Academy offers many programs that vary in arrival and departure times. Please see your child’s program arrival and dismissal policy, there may be fees associated with early arrival and late pick-up depending on the program. No care will be provided before or after normal operating hours unless pre-arranged and approved by the director in writing.

The child shall not be released to any person other than the person(s) authorized in writing by the custodial parent or legal guardians. Parents must write or fax a signed letter releasing a child to a person that is not on the authorized pick up list. Photo identification cards will be required for all pickups; children will not be released to any person not authorized on the pick up list or to any person under the age of 18 unless prior arrangements have been made in writing. Kinderoo Children’s Academy  will not release a child to any intoxicated or impaired individual. We will contact another individual on your pick up list to come and pick up your child.

Television and Video Policy

Kinderoo Children’s Academy does not have televisions in the classrooms. Research shows, preschoolers are often exposed to too much television due to parent’s busy schedules. We make educational videos available when teachers would like to supplement their lesson plans by watching a video that extends their lesson or research. Since we are not able to take field trips, we periodically provide special movie day events where classes enjoy an age appropriate movie, which extends the classrooms content theme. Our policy is to notify parents in advance when a movie will be played; this allows parents to communicate with us if they do not wish their child to view a specific title. Movies and videos showed for a limited amount of time can help support and extend individual children’s interests; we hope to provide new information or perspectives about the world around them.

Cell Phones

No Cell Phones
We ask that parents cease all cell phone use when dropping off and/or picking up your child(ren). We want to make sure we can communicate with you, any important information pertaining to your child. Parents that are on their phones will have to remain in the office until their call is completed or if in carline will have to park and wait for carline to end to pick up your child. Put in Policies page with other rules and routine information page

Photo Release Policy

Our photo release form enables the school to photograph and/or video tape individual or groups of children. These photos are used for educational purposes and/or promotion of the school’s activities and programs. Please review your options carefully before signing the form. Parents may revoke their permission at any time.
Please note that during school events, parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate. If your child participates in any event, their picture may be taken by other parents. We do not have control of these photos and your child’s participation is optional.

Photo release is also required for your child’s documentation to be included on the Kinderoo Facebook groups and social media platforms. Documentation is typically uploaded after a project or an activity has occurred. Our team observes, documents, collects data, meets and debriefs with our support team to analyze and document our pedagogical observations and findings. When a documentation is ready to be published, it is uploaded onto Facebook. If you do not wish for your child to be represented on our social media platforms, you can opt for “in-school only” photos, where documentation will be communicated to you through your child’s hard-copy portfolio.

Professional Learning Community

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