Innovation Center

Dedicated to the growth and development of professional educators, parents, caregivers, and children, our  virtual and in-person Innovation Center is at the heart of lifelong learning. 

Our Offerings

Our team of educators honor and celebrate the unique gifts, personality, and interests of our learners. Our virtual and in-person offerings center on a learning-rich  environment that build upon the innate wonder and curiosity of educators, parents, caregivers, and children.

Welcome from the Director

We stand by our mission to share our encounters, documentation, and reflections about our encounters with children. As a way to positively contribute and empower our global community of learners, we offer our virtual and in-person learning space as a place to examine and honor the importance of early years education as it relates to the experiences and relationships among children, parents, caregivers, and educators. 

Our Educators

Kinderoo Children’s Academy takes great pride in our team of experts; our Educators, Atelierista, Pedagogista, Directors, Administration, Leadership and Support Staff. Each member has a true passion for what they do and is a respected and valued part of the Kinderoo team not only for their strengths, but for their diversity. Our Leadership, teamwork, classrooms, environments, and overall philosophy are all a part of the Kinderoo Children’s Academy experience.

Our Families

In supporting this belief, we display portraits of the children’s families for them to observe and reflect upon, often integrating families into our topics of research. We also have an extensive library, where we use books representing all cultures, religions, nationalities, and lifestyles to introduce children to different types of families, learning how all families may look different but they are special in every way.

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Professional Learning Community

This digital space is for educators who wish to join our Professional Learning Community. We’re almost ready for you. Once we’re all set, we’ll share details to your inbox