As your children complete their journey with us, we honor them with a special celebration for their social, emotional, and academic success

How We Celebrate?

Our city of Ocala, located in Marion County Florida, is a hidden treasure. Surrounded by lush forests, rivers, crystal clear springs, and lakes, and is world renowned as the Horse Capital of the World. With a bit of a drive, we are able to experience the beauty of the ocean, the gulf coast, a wide array of amusement parks, as well as remnants of historical events that built the state we now call home. All these resources play a vital part in the children’s lived experiences as well as their funds of knowledge that directly impact their educational experience.


In recent events, we have witnessed how now more than ever, there is a desperate need for connection: connection with self, connection between individuals, and connection with everything around us. Young children are constantly searching for meaning, through their curiosities and “Why’s”, through interpretations of their experiences and where they are. By bridging a sense of understanding with their community, we hope to instill a better sense of connection within the children and within our own classroom community. We strive to utilize our own natural resources from our community and integrate them into our curriculum. 


Every year, we enjoy inviting community professionals to our classroom and creating lovely gifts for the residents of our local retirement home, The Bridge at Ocala. The children also engage in year-long research projects to investigate their community more in depth, reflecting on the following concepts:

“What does community mean to us and why is it important?”

“What does the community provide for us and what can we provide for our community?”

“How can we build a deeper connection with our community?”

“What are our favorite experiences in our community? 

“How are we involved in our community?”

“What makes our community special?”

Graduation Party

One of the fundamental principles of Reggio Emilia is that, “Children possess extraordinary potential for learning and change. They are capable and competent, strong, powerful and rich in potential and resources right from the moment in birth. They are possessors and constructors of rights who should be respected and valued for his/her identity, uniqueness and difference, and their own rhythms of growth and development. They are citizens of our community… and citizens of our world” – Carlina Rinaldi. It is our mission at Kinderoo Children’s Academy to honor this principle and provide each child with the necessary resources and support that they will need throughout their journey of learning while respecting each of the Hundred Languages that they express.

Graduation details are announced a few months before so families can adequately prepare and plan. Each year, we notify all families of details as soon as information becomes available. This includes the date, time, location, cap and gown information, graduation portraits, and the topic of study upon which the Graduation will focus. Graduation is an exciting milestone in the lives of our children and their families. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Professional Learning Community

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