Our Giving Tree

There are many ways for you to support the future hearts and minds that will inspire our world. Giving to our programs is one way to empower children by embracing a philanthropic commitment to our community ~ and to the world. There are many ways to support us. 

We are grateful for your support. 

Why Give?

Through giving, you model for your children the importance of supporting community endeavors that empower the betterment of the world. You help your child understand how to be a contributor to something bigger than themselves. You nurture in them an investment in the growth and learning of themselves and those around them by providing the opportunity for the enhancement of our learning environment.  

Research has shown that children who are a part of the giving process feel a greater sense of happiness in their lives, feel more connected to their community, and develop strong personal values that stay with them for life. 

Who Benefits?

Your child, the other children, our team, and the community all benefit from your donation. In fact, your donation can impact the lives of children yet to attend Kinderoo.

By supporting children’s emergent learning in the early years with a donation, you help pave the way for a world of innovative thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and curious investigators. 


With your support, we can continue to provide an endless world of creative and innovative possibilities that support 21st century skills, enhance thinking, and build relationships among children, families, educators, the community, and the world around us. Your generosity impacts the world. 

How Is the Money Used ?

All donations made to Kinderoo Children’s Academy are directed straight to your child by enhancing learning spaces, acquiring new materials, and enriching our indoor and outdoor environments.

We are forever grateful for all donations. Every little bit counts and no donation is too small. We send our thanks to you!


We are full of gratitude for any monetary donation, big or small. Every little bit counts. As your child’s learning needs are continuously evolving, we are always enhancing our collection of learning materials and spaces both indoors and outdoors. We are forever grateful for whatever amount you can give. 

We would be absolutely thrilled with a monthly donation to support your child’s learning journey with new materials for indoor and outdoor explorations. Some of our creative materials are consumable, meaning they get used and must be replenished. Your regular donation, in whatever size you can manage, is greatly appreciated. 

Your donation will go directly to the children. We are always looking to improve our offerings, our indoor spaces, and our outdoor learning environment. Every donation will be used to bring new opportunities for your child including digital technologies to support our growing focus on digital landscapes, literacy, and numeracy learning supports, creative arts materials, music and movement items, and other developmental learning supports. 

We are always looking for open-ended materials to include in our proposals for play and explorations. If you have been collecting or intend on collecting some materials, please contact the office to discuss the useability of the materials. All materials must arrive to the school clean and ready for the children to use. Materials must be in clearly labelled containers or boxes. Loose materials are challenging for us to manage and store. Containers we can reuse are most helpful. We can discuss options with you when you contact us. 

Absolutely! We are always looking for opportunities to connect with the community. Whether you know of a business or a person looking to support the development of young hearts and minds, we would love to make this connection. We thank you for your efforts in helping us build community relationships with those willing to invest in the future of our world through the children. Please contact the office to let us know if you have referred someone to our Giving Tree Initiative so we are prepared for their call. 

More About Our Giving Tree

The Legacy of Giving Gratitude Wall

All donations are honoured through the virtual Legacy of Giving Gratitude Wall at Kinderoo Children’s Academy. We are proud to honor you with thanks for your generosity.

What happens when I donate?

As a way to share your generosity with our community, we have created a special place to acknowledge your contributions. You may choose to have your name posted to our virtual Legacy of Giving Gratitude Wall.   

What if I prefer to remain anonymous?


For those wishing to remain anonymous, you may opt-out of having your name or business name shown. Instead the words, Anonymous Donor will be shown with much gratitude. 


The Family Project

As proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members, we invite you to give generously to the education of your well-loved littles. Your generous gift of education helps make the world a better place by empowering our educators to create spaces of creativity, innovation, imagination, and joy! 

We invite you to make a difference to your special child, their learning journey, and to the world with a donation in the name of your child. Donations of any denomination are welcome. 

I’d like to donate in the name of my child in the amount of: 
$100; $200; $350; $500; $1000 Other Amount: payment processor STRIPE add box to include: Add $5 to cover payment processing fee ~ this means your entire donation goes to the children.  

Give Back Campaign for Business

Our business would love to support the children with a donation of ($50, $100; $200; $350; $500; $1000 Other Amount: payment processor STRIPE add box to include: Add $5 to cover payment processing fee. (This means your entire donation goes to the children.)  

Current Fundraising Campaign

Outdoor Kitchen → If we build it they will play. We spend so much time outdoors, here’s your chance to help us create a mud kitchen for the children to explore and enjoy making magical creations and concoctions with nature’s gifts. Help us bring imaginary and dramatic play to life in the outdoors. 

Special Campaigns

Sponsor Our Professional Development Program

At Kinderoo Children’s Academy, we pride ourselves on the outstanding professional development opportunities we provide our team. Because of our commitment to on-going learning, as a team, we continue to grow with ever-evolving professional knowledge empowering us to bring the highest of education to your children. Please consider supporting the educator’s learning journeys with a donation of: [$25; $50; $75; $100; $200; $500; other amount] payment processor STRIPE ~ add box to include: Add $5 to cover payment processing fee. (This means your entire donation goes to the team.)  

Birthday Giving

As a way to honour your child’s special day, we have created our Birthday Giving opportunity where children can learn the importance of giving back. Not only will your child’s birthday be remembered but so will the special gifts your child gives to this Earth. In the spirit of giving, we welcome your child to decide how she or he would like to give back to our school community. 


Book Club

Donate a book in your child’s name + buy one for your child if you wish, and, give one to the school. Be sure to print a special message on the inside of the book and have your child make their mark with their own picture, letters, and markings. We love when children’s work is authentic so the more they do on their own, the better. 

REMIDA Materials

Special giving doesn’t always have to cost money. Donating recyclable and upcycled materials for our creative art endeavours are always welcome. We use so many different kinds of unexpected items in our creations. Let your child’s imagination run wild with a special contribution.

Gift Cards

As you can imagine, we go through so many materials with our creative and  innovative design and artistic invitations. We are always needing to replenish our supplies. A gift card always comes in handy and we appreciate this simple yet generous and useful type of giving. Some suggestions include: Hobby Lobby, IKEA, Michaels, JOANN Fabrics and Crafts, Home Depot or Lowes.

Professional Learning Community

This digital space is for educators who wish to join our Professional Learning Community. We’re almost ready for you. Once we’re all set, we’ll share details to your inbox