Dedicated to the growth and development of your child, our team of educators honor and celebrate your child’s unique gifts, personality, and interests. Our program centers on a learning-rich environment that builds upon your child’s innate wonder and curiosity and supports the cognitive and socio-emotional development of your child.
“The Space has to be a sort of aquarium that mirrors the ideas, values, attitudes, and cultures of the people who live in it.” – Loris Malaguzzi, The Hundred Languages of Children
Unique to the Reggio Emilia approach, this philosophy declares that there are three teachers: the child, the teacher, and the environment. As you walk around Kinderoo Children’s Academy, you will notice how every item in the classroom has a higher purpose and is presented in a way that invites each child to explore and wonder. The children’s work is displayed in a manner that celebrates their discoveries, accompanied by written documentation that provides detailed descriptions and images of their learning processes. The role of the environment is to evoke children’s curiosity, creativity, and wonder and is set up in a way that is enticing, imaginative, inviting, and intentional. The environment places an emphasis on natural, everyday, and realistic materials that capture the children’s interest and create an enticing space that children cannot resist, fostering their understanding and piquing their interest.

“The environment you construct around you and the children also reflects this image you have about the child. There’s a difference between the environment that you are able to build based on a preconceived image of the child and the environment that you can build that is based on the child you see in front of you — the relationship you build with the child…”

Loris Malaguzzi

Our Educators

Kinderoo Children’s Academy takes great pride in our team of experts; our Educators, Atelierista, Pedagogista, Directors, Administration, Leadership and Support Staff. Each member has a true passion for what they do and is a respected and valued part of the Kinderoo team not only for their strengths, but for their diversity. Our Leadership, teamwork, classrooms, environments, and overall philosophy are all a part of the Kinderoo Children’s Academy experience.

Our Families

In supporting this belief, we display portraits of the children’s families for them to observe and reflect upon, often integrating families into our topics of research. We also have an extensive library, where we use books representing all cultures, religions, nationalities, and lifestyles to introduce children to different types of families, learning how all families may look different but they are special in every way.

Professional Learning Community

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