Digital Landscapes in Early Learning

Digital sensory proposals allow us to create immersive environments and visual installations, using them to introduce the children to new animals, elements, objects, and landscapes that they may not otherwise get to experience.

At our school, we embrace the power and magic of digital landscapes. By projecting images onto a wall or fabric, we are able to transport the children through time, may it be the past or the future. 

Through these digital landscapes, the children are able to explore far off places, both real and fantasy, they are able to visit art galleries, dive the depths of the ocean, fight off fire-breathing dragons in their own epic journey, explore outer space, walk through historical buildings, lay in a meadow of wildflowers, play with the animals in the wild jungle… they can truly go anywhere and do anything. Digital landscapes open a world of imagination and wonder.

Imagination is the key to forming new ideas and ingenuity. In the case of children, imagination fosters intelligence through creative thinking, helping to develop the competence of learning, promotion of curiosity, and the initiative to take on new challenges. Imagination and inventiveness excites and motivates, enabling children to face daily tasks with confidence, especially when trying new things. Through documenting and observing children’s pretend play, investigations, and wonderings, educators are exposed to the inner world of each child as well as incredible insight to their knowledge. 

Contributing Educators: Luisa Simmons, Diana Hurtado, Sandra Greis, Yesica Reyes, Claudia Jacome, Gabriela Urdaneta, Jennyfer Rincon, Claudia Gomez, Chelsie Braun

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