One essential element of an emerging curriculum approach is the documentation of children’s investigations or theories-in-action. We document these theories by a process of first observing, then recording and interpreting, and then providing experiences that we hope will extend the children’s investigations. Then we again observe, repeating the cycle anew. We provide opportunities for children to revisit and reflect on their efforts by placing documentation of their efforts throughout the school. Our use of documentation is more than simply an effort to present the children’s work. Rather, documentation regularly informs our efforts because it provides the data to understand what the children are investigating. It also makes the children’s learning visible for all to see, including themselves.


Celebrations And Holidays

We view holidays as a valuable part of our multicultural curriculum. They provide an opportunity to encourage positive values about other cultures. They give our children the knowledge of how other children celebrate special events. We strive to give all holidays equal importance and we encourage families to share their holiday traditions with their child’s class.

Birthday parties are a wonderful experience for a child. A child’s self-esteem is developed in celebrating that special day. At Kinderoo Children’s Academy, Inc., we love to recognize each of our children on their special day. Parents may bring lunch or a special snack for their child’s class. If goody bags are given, please refrain from putting plastic guns, knives, makeup, hard candies, or anything else that may be a choking hazard in the bag. 


Birthdays are typically celebrated during afternoon snack. Entertainment may be brought in for the class or school to enjoy. When planning a celebration please give us advanced notice so we can plan for the event. Please help us keep the occasion simple but meaningful for your child.

We understand that all cultures and religions celebrate, or do not celebrate, holidays and birthdays differently. If you would rather your child not participate in certain celebrations, please let the office know in advance and we will make accommodations for your child during the celebration.


Kinderoo Children’s Academy will conduct a parent orientation prior to the start of school. The orientation will include more information about the curriculum we use, each individual program we offer, Florida’s State Standards, and general information about Kinderoo Children’s Academy Inc. Parents will also be able to meet our incredible staff and tour our school.

Family-Teacher Conferences

A minimum of two family/teacher conferences will be offered to families during the school year. Conferences provide families with the opportunity to discuss their child’s academic progress, social growth, and work characteristics with their child’s teacher. In addition, the teacher will provide information about the child’s progress in the Florida Early Learning and Development Standards pertaining to the child’s age. Either the parent or the teacher may request an additional conference any time there is a special concern.

Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy and Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is strongly encouraged and highly valued as it is a gift to both the school and your child. Whenever possible, families should actively participate in our program and maintain open communication with the staff. Here at Kinderoo Children’s Academy, we have an Open Door Policy and welcome parents to visit at any time throughout the year. Research shows that active family participation in children’s learning experiences contributes to higher success in school.

Volunteering in the classroom is also highly recommended, as it helps the children and is informative and rewarding to families. Since your participation directly contributes to your child’s success in school, you are encouraged to become involved in what your child is learning and experiencing during their time at Kinderoo. Remember, a parent is a child’s first and most important teacher.

Please contact the Center Director to find out about opportunities to volunteer your time, talents, and experiences in your child’s classroom.


Communication between school and home is very important; we are continuously developing new ways to stay in contact with our families. Our Toddler programs have daily information sheets that are sent home to keep you informed of how your child is doing throughout the day. All of our classrooms have a private Facebook group to share documentation, lesson plans, school announcements, celebrations, and other information. If a child has a rough day or an incident occurs, parents will receive a letter explaining the incident.

At Kinderoo Children’s Academy, parents are always able to see what is going on in our classrooms. Weekly lesson plans are posted on the Facebook groups and on the classroom’s parent board, which is displayed at the entrance of each classroom. The daily schedule and all other important notices will be displayed there as well.

We have an open-door policy and all parents are welcome to sit in during their child’s class, have lunch with their child, or even come and speak to the class about their profession. Please feel free to speak with the Director anytime you have a question or concern. Positive and constructive feedback helps us make quality improvements to our program and builds on our strong foundation.

Emergencies and School Closings

Kinderoo Children’s Academy has a posted Emergency Response Plan in the front office of each building. All of our staff has been fully trained and instructed on procedures during an emergency situation. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible if an emergency does occur. Keep in mind that during an emergency situation you may be unable to call us directly, be advised that we will make contact with all parents as soon as we are permitted.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, our primary concern is for the welfare of the children and our staff. We may close school early if conditions worsen and it is dangerous for us to remain open. Kinderoo Children’s Academy will be closed if the Marion County Public Schools are closed during extreme weather conditions. We also close for teacher in-service trainings; these dates are predetermined and are highlighted on the school calendar.

Professional Learning Community

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