Integrating Modern-Day Technology in Early Childhood

“All children have preparedness, potential, curiosity; they have interest in relationships, in constructing their own learning, and in negotiating with everything the environment brings to them.” – Lella Gandini  Kinderoo Children’s Academy welcomes modern-day technology and always tries to maintain a creative and innovative approach for the future of learning. In doing so, we utilize …

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Symbolic Play 

“In symbolic play, young children advance upon their cognitions about people, objects and actions and in this way, construct increasingly sophisticated representations of the world.” –  M.H. Bornstein  Symbolic play usually begins around the age of two when children begin to develop the ability to create and mentally work with symbols. Symbolic play consists of …

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Developmental Risky Play

Exploring the Pikler Triangle “Risky play in early childhood can help develop a child’s self-confidence, resilience, executive functioning abilities and even risk-management skills. Brussoni’s work in injury prevention research shows that engaging in risky play can actually reduce the risk of injury, too.” – Brittany Toole Developmental risky play is important for children to be …

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Studying Color and Brightness Through Light

Children are naturally curious and strive to understand the world around them. This desire to explore their natural surroundings creates powerful opportunities for intellectual stimulation and growth. We value using light (in all its forms) as a ‘language’ to help support the children’s curiosity, investigation, and discovery. Furthermore, we believe that it enables them to …

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Professional Learning Community

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