About Us

Dedicated to the growth and development of your child, our team of educators honor and celebrate your child’s unique gifts, personality, and interests.
Our program centers on creating a learning-rich environment for your child that builds upon your child’s innate wonder and curiosity, and supports their cognitive and socio-emotional development.

Discover Our Magic

Welcome! Bienvenidos! We’re Ocala’s only licenced Reggio-inspired learning center, serving over 180 families in Marion County and its surrounding areas. Watch our video to meet our Director and discover the magic of Kinderoo Children’s Academy!

Your Child Will Thrive in
Our Child-Centered Pedagogical Approach

Since its inception in 2003, the educational team at Kinderoo Children’s Academy has been researching Early Learning Education to meet your child’s ever-evolving needs for 21st century learning outcomes. Our pedagogical approach is focused on your child’s curiosity as we support their questions, inquiries, and novel ways of thinking, imagining, and problem solving. We believe children have the right to educational methods that set them up for habits of critical reflection and learning. Your child will grow into an active participant of a global society who will flourish in a world where change is constant and learning never ends.

Our educators and support staff are devoted to creating a space that provides inspiration for learning and knowledge in our warm, inviting classrooms and outdoor spaces to foster creativity and encourage interaction and communication.

Welcome to a child care center like you’ve never seen before in Marion County. 

Our Educators

Kinderoo Children’s Academy takes great pride in our team of experts, including our Educators, Atelierista, Pedagogista, Director, Administration, Leadership and Support Staff. Each member has an authentic passion for what they do and are respected and valued for both their strengths and their diversity. Our educational leadership, teamwork, research focus, classroom environments, and overall philosophy are what make Kinderoo Children’s Academy so unique.
All of our educators meet and exceed the qualifications set by the State of Florida, and possess a CPR/First Aid Certification. Additionally, our team takes part in regular extensive training, orientation, and ongoing yearly professional training programs specific to the learning needs of your child and our professional educators.

As a Reggio-Inspired program, the faculty at Kinderoo Children’s Academy engages in studying, understanding and analyzing the ‘Image Of The Child’, one of the key underlying principles of the Reggio Emilia approach to education. As defined by Loris Malaguzzi (1994), the image of a child views children as rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent, and connected to adults and other children.

Our educators, viewed as researchers, are curious co-learners and observers who genuinely love, respect, and trust the voice of your child.  

Studying the image of the child is an endless learning process for our educators. Our journey of education is linked to continuous research, where your child’s learning is made visible through dialogue, observation, interpretation.

We consciously welcome different talents to our team and families as this invites diverse points of view of the world along with a fresh perspective of the innate potential of all human beings. We treat our children, our families, and our team with respect and gratitude. We praise our team and our families for the vital role they play in supporting all of the children through our shared and vision and mission.

Our Story

In 2003, Kinderoo Children’s Academy opened its doors to relieve the need for quality child care in our community. From the beginning, we knew that our goal was to seek the best pedagogy for young children while inspiring creativity and joy in both our students and educators. We wanted to create a special kind of school, a different place where children and adults learn and grow together. A place where we treat each other with more love, respect, and compassion than we see in the real world. We wanted a school of research, something different and new – and fun! Today we have created an educational program where creativity is cultivated and children fall in love with the joy of learning. We have created a healthy, warm, safe, and nurturing environment, the kind of education program we wish we’d had for ourselves and dreamed of having for our children. We have created a school where people feel like there is really no better place to learn and grow.

Paola Lopez
Founder, Kinderoo Children’s Academy

Our Languages

Early Childhood Education is a unique experience at Kinderoo Children’s Academy. Our educators are natively-fluent Spanish speakers who use their language to teach and communicate. 

Children at Kinderoo are immersed in the Spanish language from the time they enter their classroom environments. 

The acquisition of new vocabulary is nurtured by the homeroom educators who use their native language during the meaningful, age-appropriate teaching and learning engagements. Throughout the school year, children gain new vocabulary by way of listening and gradually trying out new words and phrases.

Each year, Kinderoo welcomes and embraces families from various cultures across the world. We have educators that speak fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We also work with families that need translation services in their native language.

Why choose
Kinderoo Children’s Academy?

Our Families

When a family enrolls their child in the school, you and your child become an important member of our community where citizenship, inclusion, participation, learning and communication are valued.

More now than ever, we believe in upholding a strong family dynamic that focuses on building relationships and making connections. We understand the importance of home-school partnerships and open lines of communication between our staff and our children’s caretakers. 

As your child’s first teacher and most important guide, parents and other carers in the family are considered specialists. You’re recognized for bringing with you a particular viewpoint and set of values. We believe in incorporating your family presence into our classroom environment. 

These beliefs reinforce our shared commitment and the shared values we uphold for your child and our relationship with you.

In supporting this belief, we display portraits of the children’s families for them to observe and reflect upon, often integrating families into our topics of research. We also have an extensive library, where we use books representing all cultures, religions, nationalities, and lifestyles to introduce children to different types of families, learning how all families may look different but they are special in every way. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged and highly valued as it is a gift to both the school and the children. We welcome families to actively participate in our program and maintain open communication with the staff.  Research shows that active family participation in children’s learning experiences contributes to higher success in school. Volunteering in the classroom is also highly recommended, as it helps the children and is informative and rewarding to families.

Professional Learning Community

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